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"Summer Choreography Week, 2016"

Five intensive days with technical classes in jazz, pilates and salsa, plus rehearsals for our new 2016 repertoire, performed at Born2Perform in September 2016.

Summer Choreography Week, 2016

"Born2Perform, 2016 at Freshfield Hall, Forest Row"

Dragon Fly

Choreography: SYD principal Katie Ahmed.

A collaboration with the band 'Greenwood', Dragon Fly was written especially for SYD by Anji Lomas, and was performed by six dancers with live music.

The Name's Bond...SYD Bond!

Choreography: Emma Green (The Bond Theme), SYD principal Katie Ahmed (Writing's on the Wall), Sophie Huntley (Live & Let Die).

Three pieces of contrasting Bond music.

Summer Choreography Week, 2016

"Summer Style Week, 2015"

A fabulous week with technique classes in Jazz, Indian Dance, Pilates, Jive and Yoga.

SYD's 2015 repertoire was created by visiting professionals to be performed at our annual show...Born2Perform 2015.

MJ Remembered

Choreography: Katie Ahmed, Laura Farley, Sophie Huntley.

A celebration of Michael Jackson music, created in April 2015.

Three extremely diverse pieces of music, from strong jazz, lyrical contemporary and a fun jive, this 10 minute choreography gives the dancers the chance to act through their dancing showing different emotions: starting with the strong Smooth Criminal, telling the desperate story with Earth Song and completing with the fun and frivolous Rockin' Robin.


Choreography: Kevan Allen, SYD's Patron.

A strong, dynamic piece with music edited by Kevan especially for our SYD company.

Leanne King introduced the company to a new and challenging way for the dancers to explore creating a piece through rhythm and freedom, by listening, watching and feeling each other move. The dancers created the sinister feeling that Dark Star required.


Choreography: SYD Principal Katie Ahmed.

2+8 joins two instruments, a flute and guitar, with eight dancers in a constant, uplifting movement of joy and togetherness.

Summer Style Week, 2015

"Easter Choreography Workshop, 2015"

MJ Remembered: Guest choreographers Sophie Huntley and Laura Farley joined SYD'S principal, Katie Ahmed, to give 14 SYD dancers a week of up-to-date fun, funky dance moves, to a medley of Michael Jackson songs.

Smooth Criminal, Earth Song and Rockin' Robin will be performed at the 'Celebration of Music Song & Dance' performance at the Michael Hall Theatre on Sunday 20th September, 2015.

Easter Choreography Workshop, 2015

"A Celebration of Dance: Diamonds"

During the celebrated Forest Row Festival weekend (21st September 2014 at the Michael Hall Theatre), SYDC premiered their new choreography: 'Diamonds'.

Using a diverse selection of music from the film Moulin Rouge, this choreography expresses mysterious and moving feelings, then, by contrast, enjoys the uplifting and joyful party atmosphere of Baz Luhrmann's fabulous musical film score.

A collaboration of choreography by SYDC's principal, Katie Ahmed, and visiting choreographers, Aaron Francis and Sophie Huntley.

Please see our wonderful feedback:
"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!"

"One week of rehearsals?...thoroughly rehearsed and so professional!"

"Well done for Sunday. It was incredibly powerful and moving. You must be very proud."

"The dancers showed commitment and huge enjoyment to their story."

"What you are giving these dancers is just so rewarding for their confidence and self-esteem."

"Wow, what teamwork!"
A Celebration of Dance: Diamonds 2014
A Celebration of Dance: Diamonds 2014
A Celebration of Dance: Diamonds 2014

The Spring Of Youth 2014
"The Spring of Youth"

The Spring Of Youth 2014

A Celebration of Music, Song & Dance

Our new repertoire, The Spring of Youth, premiered on April 12th at the Chequer Mead Theatre, along with The River, More Than 5 and Wonder.

Alongside SYDC, we had Ariel Drama acting a juicy piece about spring awakening; Martin and his string group playing some wonderful bright spring pieces; The Pioneers, great singers and some colourful ballroom dancers.

Please see the comments from the audience below:
"Firstly congratulations on such a brilliant show - the dancers and choreography were excellent. The range of acts and quality of talent was really impressive - thank you for all your hard work last week"

"Watching the children up on the stage, I was struck by how much pleasure it was giving them to be up there. They really put their all into their performances. What an opportunity"

"I just had to email you to say, WOW! What a show you put together!"

"Amazing, we were all spellbound - the energy, joy, brilliance of the dancers!"
The Spring of Youth 2014

"Because We Can"

Our first piece of choreography, was performed at the Michael Hall Theatre as part of the Forest Row Festival on Sunday 22nd September 2013. An uplifting story portraying what goes on inside a teenager's thoughts. These young dancers performed with enthusiasm, energy and musicality. There was obviously a clear and mature understanding of what these dancers needed to portray and a wonderful sense of team work and enjoyment.

A few messages from the audience:
"I had no idea that it would be so professional"

"What these young dancers learnt in a week is just incredible"

"I wanted to get up and dance in the aisles, what energy!"

"Beautiful, energetic and enthusiastic young dancers"

"The music was wonderfully varied and matched the moods exactly"
Because We Can 2013