It's not all cameras & computers...
Biking has been in our blood for a long time.

With over 40 years of biking experience between us, we've pretty much ridden every kind of bike out there - from trials to road and XC to DH - and the industry and sport, whether for fun or professionally, has changed massively over that time.

Oli on his trusty Devinci 8-Flat-8
Farah on her trusty Transition TR250
One huge movement in recent years has been the realisation that investment in to the grassroots of both the industry and the sport sides of cycling has huge benefits, both for the businesses involved and the participants on two wheels, with many of today's professional athletes having directly benefited from locally or government-funded schemes. That's something we like and want to get behind too!

So that's why we've decided to offer support to some grassroots teams and riding locations, to help give them exposure and to bring to a wider audience, the benefits of all that biking has to offer!
2012/13: Team Aston Hill
Team Aston Hill
Team mascot and course builder Matt Wakefield, doing his thing
Glenroy Martin keeping his Saracen Myst DH in check
Joe Killner race face
Glenroy Martin rockin the team kit
Alfie Killner - like father, like son
Hailing from Aston Hill Bike Park in Buckinghamshire, a cornerstone of the UK's freeride/downhill scene, Team Aston Hill is made up of 1 female and 3 male riders (along with a 5-man support team), competing across the national scene in both 4X and Downhill.

Our involvement with the team - via team manager, Mark Harris - came about following our 'Surface To Air' and 'Origins' films for the bike park, to publicise their newly purpose-built trails and the incredible work by the trail building team and their work with the Forestry Commission. Together, the two films clocked up some of the highest viewer numbers ever for a UK-shot short mountain bike film, and led to an 8-fold increase in visitors to the bike park!

Following the popularity of the films, Mark invited us to sponsor the team, which we were only too pleased to do, alongside Madison, Bell Helmets, Shimano, Decade Europe, Royal Racing, Surf-Sales and Lovelo Cycle Works.

In 2013 so far, the team has had incredible success and numerous podiums at both local and national level competition, from grassroots races at PORC to the British Downhill Series at the legendary Fort William. The team, like the bike park, is going from strength to strength, and geebeebee are behind them all the way!

Mark Harris - Media/Events & Team Manager
"After extensive work on the Bike Park last year and the forming of the Team, we were keen to produce some edits for promotion. We spoke to several media production companies about this and geebeebee media stood out as not only professional but also the only people who could see the way we wanted the end product to end up from our point of view. Being riders themselves, they knew what would look good and portray Aston Hill to the audience exactly as we saw it. We can't praise them enough for their hard work and dedication and can't wait to get started on future projects in the pipeline with them behind the lens."
2012/13: Team Bull Track
Team Bull Track...well, most of them! - photo courtesy of MRF Photo & Video
Gary North on a flyer
Lucy Drees sending it for the girls
Barry Dunstan getting in to race mode
Macauley Friend getting some boost
Lucy Drees taking top sopt, alongside geebeebee's Farah Ahmed in 2nd and Aston Hill's Sally Ross in 3rd
The Bull Track Freeride Bike Park is the master-plan of unforgettable Crowborough and East Sussex local, Alvar Coppard. Alvar's vision for 'The Bull' was to create a locally-built and maintained bike park, offering progressive design, from an 'any ability' race line to natural woodland setting dirt jumps and freeride features. The Bull has a thriving community and over the last few years has developed into a popular venue for race meetings, supported by the likes of Red Bull and Monster Energy, as well as numerous local businesses.

We've been riding, digging and promoting The Bull for a number of years, and it's very much geebeebee media's home venue, so when, at the end of 2012, The Bull went into partnership with local bike shop owner Jors Opperman of Whisper Bikes, to develop a race team, we were pleased to come on board as team and race series sponsors.

The team consists of 18 male and female riders, from early teens to 40+, and they've been pulling in podium results across the race series in the South East. Kitted out in custom kit, and backed up at venues by the Whisper Bikes truck, the team is a mainstay at race meetings, with some of the team venturing further afield to get their adrenaline fix!

Jors Opperman - Team Manager
"'By riders, for riders' has always been The Bull Track's motto and the bike park has always been focused on having fun and developing the grassroots racing scene. The park's owner, Alvar Coppard and myself, owner of Whisper Bikes, took the ideas further and started 'Team Bull Track'. The team is made up of riders of all abilities and ages! We asked geebeebee media to co-sponsor the team as The Bull Track is their 'home' venue and it seemed like a perfect fit. geebeebee media have always helped promote the venue with their films and photography on race days and freeride days; their style and attitude to helping promote the park and the team goes perfectly with what we're about and we know they can produce an edit like no one else!"
2012/13: SES Racing
Team SES Racing...after a hard day's riding - photo courtesy of MRF Photo & Video
Ali Holland ready to race
Dylan Thornton in full flow
Dylan Thornton representing for the sponsors
Will in line for Red Bull Stratos, apparently!
Ali Holland getting low and fast
SES are the epitome of the grassroots race scene. Four hard-riding, go-getting local lads who love riding and love competing. Dylan, Ali, Will and John are South East locals who know most of the trails like the backs of their hands, and if they're at a race meeting, you certainly know they're there!

In early 2013, the guys approached us as a team sponsor, and we were happy to oblige. Alongside co-sponsors, Knox Armour, Mucky Nutz Mudguards, Wizard Wash and Whisper Bikes, the guys have an ambitious schedule to compete in races across the UK, taking in rounds of the British Downhill Series as well as local race meetings.

Dylan Thornton - Team Founder
"When I started up SES in late 2012, I thought it was vital to have a sponsor in the media sector of mountain biking, and the first company that sprung to mind was geebeebee. The reasons I wanted to have geebeebee onboard where because they have very similar ethics to us, in that they are big supporters of grassroots racing in the south, and that they are keen on young riders like myself and the rest of the team! I can't wait to work with them in the future, and see what we as a partnership can produce! Watch this space!"