Spoken Words #02: Raposeira Madeira 2012
February 2013
Spoken Words is a webisode series by our friend Tristan Goodley, about what it feels like riding bikes.

Episode #02 takes us to the Atlantic island of Madeira and the annual enduro downhill race that takes place on the island, the Raposeira. 150 riders meet for a mass-start race down a 7.5km course. The entry list includes pros, female riders, occasional riders, devoted racers, and one 30 year old British television producer, Tristan. At 3pm a horn sounds and the first rider to the bottom wins.

Director, Producer, Camera, Editor
Tristan Goodley
Online Editor, Dubbing Mixer, VFX
Oli da Costa
Assistant Producer
Farah Ahmed
Inner Love (Samba) by Ty
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geebeebee media