London Garden Trail
December 2012
Everyone has dreamed of having a mountain bike trail in their back garden. For some, the dream becomes reality. The private London Garden Trail was designed and built by Matt Wakefield and his team.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a site in London where Matt and team had been commissioned to design and build an all-level mountain bike trail for one very lucky family. Matt gave us exclusive access to the trail that was crafted along the side of the garden, past the swimming pool, dropping into the trees with a mini-rock garden, followed by berm after berm until two big tables to get your tricks and style dialled. At the bottom of the garden, a pump track awaits the rider and it is crafted to perfection. With the weather closing in and light disappearing, we quickly got our Canon 7D out and filmed a short video in under twenty minutes. No tripod, just a 14mm lens. Access to the garden's CCTV cameras was an obvious bonus.

Director, Camera, VFX, Colourist
Oli da Costa
Producer, Editor
Farah Ahmed
Wet And Rusting by Menomena
'The Landowner'
Matt Wakefield
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geebeebee media