Chatel: People
July 2012
PeopleArmed with our prototype Sony NEX-FS700, courtesy of Sony Professional Europe, we chose Chatel in the French Alps to shoot a few tests ahead of shooting the 2012 Chatel Mountain Style.

With just one evening to Chatel to set up the camera (with no manual and new lenses), we thought we'd have our work cut out, but navigating the camera's menus and settings was a breeze.

For our first short test of the camera and Lanparte cine rig, we headed out in to Chatel's Pre la Joux bike park, and the easy-going 'People' trail. Shooting mostly at 400fps - with time-remapping done in Adobe Premiere Pro - and given this was day 1 with a prototype camera, we were pretty pleased with what we got!

Director, Cinematography, Editor, VFX, Colourist
Oli da Costa
Producer, Assistant Director
Farah Ahmed
Transient by Pluxus
Chatel Tourism, Pascale Ducrot, Sony Europe & Adobe
James Aveil, Luke Dobson, David Hill, Chad May & Mark Smedley
Words & Photos
geebeebee media
geebeebee media