Chatel: Mountain Style 2012 - Cam Zink Slo-mo
July 2012
Chatel in the Haute-Savoire region of France was the place to be to see the 6th running of Chatel Mountain Style. There were valiant efforts by both local and big name riders and despite us only being armed with one main camera (albeit an NEX-FS700 prototype from Sony UK), we managed to capture some great action.

Due to rain and high winds ove the few days before, the slopes up the side of the track were pretty treacherous, so we based ourselves around the bottom of the course, and boy, was that a good idea! With our box-fresh prototype camera, courtesy of Sony Professional Europe, we manged to shoot some amazing action, and with the top pros coming down the hill, it looked like the final jump was where the contest was going to be won or lost. Just how big could they go?

After some incredible action from Nick Simcik (Transition Bikes), Andreu Lacondeguy (YT Industries) and Dylan Sherrard (Kona Bikes), we trained the camera on Cam Zink (Hyper Bikes), as he came down the final chute, pulling a huge backflip over the RedBull step-down and then dissapearing from view momentarily, before appearing fully inverted, mid-nac, over the huge final sender. As Cam reached for the pedal, still fully inverted, it looked like he caught his trailing leg on the rear wheel, throwing the bike out of shape and in the process, dislodging his other foot from its pedal. As he completed the rotation, and with no feet on pedals, he came in for what looked like a huge crash landing, but somehow, despite the bike's best efforts to buck him, Cam somehow managed to hold it together, giving us an astounding shot. The relief was clear as he threw his head back, knowing he'd saved one of the biggest bails immaginable!

Director, Cinematography, Editor
Oli da Costa
Farah Ahmed
Chatel Tourism, Pascale Ducrot, Madison, AlpineBreaks, Sony Europe & Adobe
Words & Photos
geebeebee media
geebeebee media