Chatel: Air Voltage with Endless Gap - Outtake
July 2012
While filming with the Scott Bikes Endless Gap freeride team in Chatel, France, we decided to shoot a little bit of behind-the-scenes content for Sony Professional Europe, who had kindly lent us their prototype Sony NEX-FS700, one of only 2 in Europe at the time.

This is a behind-the-scenes from the film, which you can find here
Endless Gap The Endless Gap guys were pushing their limits all day with every take, bringing us amazing opportunities to nail stunning shots time and again, desipte the inclement weather! However, on one such shot, second camera operator, Farah, got a close lesson in where to be with 4 fast riders approaching you: don't stand next to a tree as when things go wrong, a tree with you in the way is a pretty good target for a bike! At least the FS700 was were Alex, Patrick, Rudy and Joel, despite what it sounds like!

Director, Cinematography, Editor, VFX, Colourist
Oli da Costa
Producer, Assistant Director, Second Camera
Farah Ahmed
Chatel Tourism, Pascale Ducrot, Scott Bikes, Sony Europe & Adobe
Words & Photos
geebeebee media
geebeebee media