British Colombia: Bike Park Tour 2011
August 2011
During 2011, one half of geebeebee media decided to take a much needed break and headed to British Columbia. With the bike packed and ready for action, Farah took on a two-week long road trip to the best bike parks in the province. Facilitated by Ticket2Ride, the tour of nine riders visited the snowy trails of Mount Washington on Vancouver Island, the loamy freeride trails of Silver Star, the alpine delights of Sun Peaks and the endless fun that is Whistler. With a few trips to the North Shore, the two week long holiday took its toll, with a few riders breaking bones and pride along the way.

With a raft of GoPro footage from three riders, a full account of the trip was guaranteed! The documentary has been so successful that Ticket2Ride have used it as their promotional film for subsequent bike park tours since 2011, but for Farah and the other riders, it's a fun-packed visual account of the great riding experienced during the tour.

Rider, Director, Producer, Camera, Editor
Farah Ahmed
Assistant Editor, VFX, Colourist
Oli da Costa
An Eye For An Eye by U.N.K.L.E.
Danielle Erickson, Tory Hosie, Pete Lightfoot, Joel Loukas & Ian Peake
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