Bikegoo: Cove Bikes
June 2012
When Dave Williamson, owner of bespoke cycle shop Bikegoo, contacted us about his shop becoming a Cove Bikes dealer, we were pretty excited at the prospect of seeing their great bikes for sale in the UK, through a local bike shop.

Cove BikesOver the course of a few weeks, we worked with Dave to come up with a filming location, concept and some local riders to take to the trails on a custom-built G-Spot freeride bike and Stiffee FR hardtail. Once built, we headed out to our secret spot and spent a half day with Dave, the bikes and our riders, doing a bit of acting, fettling and of course riding!

Sadly though, Cove Bikes had a distribution issue, meaning they weren't ultimately able to supply bikes to Bikegoo, and as such, we didn't get to finish our film - the video above was always intended to be a trailer - although Bikegoo are now a successful Yeti Cycles dealership...and here at geebeebee media, that's what we ride already, so watch this space!

Director, Cinematography, Editor, VFX, Colourist
Oli da Costa
Producer, Assistant Director
Farah Ahmed
Youth by Daughter
Charlie Richardson & Piers Yea
Words & Photos
geebeebee media
geebeebee media