Hafjell Bike Park
Hafjell Bike Park: The End?
There are reports coming in from Norway that Alpinco, the relatively new owners of the Hafjell and Kvitfjell resorts, is considering not opening Hafjell Bike Park this summer. We imagine this news comes as a huge surprise to everyone given the resort has held two very successful UCI DH World Cup races recently and is scheduled to host the UCI DH World Championships later this year.

When interviewed by the Norwegian cycling magazine, Terrengsykke, the President of the Norwegian Cycling Federation, Harald Tiedemann Hansen stated "We had a meeting at Lillehammer last week, where it was recorded. We are of course concerned. There are a lot of resources and effort put into making this facility. We've heard rumours that they are considering closing summer mode, but nothing more specific than that, so we want to get a meeting with Alpinco." Mr. Hansen continued "For the World Cup we have a contract, so in that respect I'm not worried, but [we] will be very sorry if this has consequences for continued operation. We, the NCF has an absolute interest of continued operation, and we have a long-term desire to [have a] summer operation in 10 facilities in Norway. Hafjell has been an important step, in that respect." Note, this has been translated via Google Translate.

It goes without saying that if Hafjell Bike Park is closed indefinitely, it will have a massive impact on the local and national mountain bike community in Norway, as well as the local businesses who have become accustomed to riders travelling from all over the world to ride the world-class level trails and sample the great Norwegian hospitality.

A group of supporters for Hafjell Bike Park have started a campaign to voice their protest at the potential closure of the park. You can show your support by joining their Facebook page and help them in their quest to make Alpinco understand the importance of keeping the bike park open this year and in years to come.
Hafjell Bike Park

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