Hafjell Bike Park
Hafjell Bike Park: Open for 2014
We're pleased to report that Alpinco, the owners of Hafjell Bike Park have decided to keep the park open for another year and have thrown down the gauntlet to mountain bikers around the world to use the park more to ensure its future past the 2014 season. The sun has dipped on Hafjell after a great start to the week. It's feeling autumnal and snow may even be on the way in the next few days.

With businesses around the world feeling the pinch of the economic downturn, it's not surprising that companies like Alpinco are looking at where they can make savings to ensure survival. Unlike the winter season, operating a summer season facility is more often than not going to be speculative in the short term, and it's reasonable that Alpinco have set the challenge to riders to use the park more so that it becomes a profitable, and therefore worthwhile investment. Hafjell has managed to deliver one of the best bike parks in Europe and is without a shadow of a doubt, the best bike park in Norway. With the rumours of its closure all over Facebook and Twitter, the interest in saving the park has rallied the global mountain biking community who have been vocal in expressing their love for the park and their disappointment at the news that it might be closed for good this year.

Thorvald Sverdrup - Chairman of Alpinco
"Visitor numbers have unfortunately not been responding to the costs. The visitor number must increase for the cost of the operation to be covered. The number of guests will ultimately determine the project's future"

According to the press release by Alpinco, winter season users of the park will not be subsidising the running costs for the summer season. This is truly going to be a test to see whether a mountain bike park as respected and loved around the world as Hafjell can return a profit or at least a balanced book.

Odd Stensrud - General Manager, Hafjell Alpincenter
"Hafjell challenges the bike scene - use the facility more - it is the only way to ensure the future of it. A notable increase in guests during the summer 2014 is necessary to form a foundation for continued operation in 2015"

With the UCI Downhill World Championships arriving in September, the park is scheduled to open on 14th June (weekends only), and then daily from 5th July to 3rd August, returning to weekends only until 7th September. The Park will have extended opening hours during the UCI World Championships in September.
Hafjell Bike Park

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