DMR Bikes Wrath
DMR Bikes Competition: Pumptrack design, win a DMR Wrath
Please note, this competiton is now closed!

If you ride at your local bike park and reckon you could have come up with some better 'berms' and 'rollers' then have a go at designing your own by entering CTC's competition and in doing so, get a chance to win a DMR Wrath bike.
DMR Bikes Wrath CTC, the UK's national cycling charity, has linked up with urban design specialists DHUD, DMR Bikes and the Cycle Show, to capture your ideas and potential opportunities for the development of a new pumptrack. Every entrant will get free entry to the public days of the Cycle Show from the 27th to 29th September 2013 at the NEC in Birmingham. The winner will be chosen by DMR's Olly Wilkins on the last day of the show. The one lucky winner will ride away on a DMR Wrath Bike, the ultimate in pumptrack bikes, together with seeing their design incorporated into the pumptrack plans of the urban designers at DHUD who are working on the new CTC Bike Park Network at the Lovell Jumps and Pumptrack site in Milford, Surrey.

Olly Wilkins - Product Development and Marketing, DMR Bikes
"This is a great competition. As a child I would spend hours planning out and designing jump sites. My friends and I even made rollers berms and jumps out of blu-tack to test out where each obstacle sat. I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with; the design process is often overlooked and is mega important to all of us who ride. This contest is a great way to showcase what your mind is capable of creating. The biggest reward to the winner will undoubtedly be getting out and riding the track when it's made in life-size dirt."

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