Crankworx 2013: Joyride First Practice
First practice for the signature event for Crankworx got under way yesterday under the mid-afternoon sun in Whistler. With a slight breeze crossing the Boneyard, riders were dropping in on this year's new and inspiring course design, which has a much greater dirt-jump influenced feel over last year's course. Some riders were finding it easier to get into the flow than others, but that's to be expected as everyone takes progression differently. For some, it was a walk in the park, whilst for others it was their first time in Canada, let alone the Boneyard.

Crankworx2013JoyrideFirstPractice Gully takes his 'tash out for one last run before he shaved it off for the GoPro Dirt Diaries screening.

Crankworx2013JoyrideFirstPractice Pilgrim, Messere and co talking over the course.

Crankworx2013JoyrideFirstPractice It's dirty, dusty work, but the Joyride build crew have it covered.

Crankworx2013JoyrideFirstPractice Lacondeguy rocking Deft gloves.

Crankworx2013JoyrideFirstPractice Lacondeguy taking to the air.

Crankworx2013JoyrideFirstPractice McGazza was taking things step-by-step. His fan club was out in force watching the giant Kiwi getting things dialled.

Crankworx2013JoyrideFirstPractice Bearclaw apologising to the trail crew for tearing up the dirt before the wall ride. With the weather like it is, this track is going to be taking a beating.

Crankworx2013JoyrideFirstPractice Could this be Soderstrom's year at Joyride?

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Oli da Costa
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