Yannick Granieri at Crankworx 2013
Crankworx 2013: Dual Speed & Style Practice
The first day of Crankworx 2013 is finally underway and whilst the World Enduro riders go about their practice for their own moment of glory, the slopestyle riders descended on the Boneyard, their own hunting ground to practice for the first freeride orientated event of Crankworx, the Dual Speed & Style.
Crankworx2013DSSPractice With a mini army of Crankworx vollies in position, practice commenced under the blistering heat.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice One of the first down the lines was Kirt Voreis. Acting almost as a test pilot, riders were quizzing him in the starting hut about the feel of the course.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice One by one, more riders turned up and one by one they took it in turns to ride down and test the lines on offer.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice Crankworx2013DSSPractice Trains seemed to be the order of the day, or just a plain free-for-all. In any case, it was all good.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice Things were getting zesty and the dirt was quickly turning into dust.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice McGarry gets his drift on...

Crankworx2013DSSPractice Pilgrim threw in some practice on his NS Bikes prototype downhill rig. Why? Because he can.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice What does the dirt on the Boneyard taste like? Ask Granieri.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice Crankworx2013DSSPractice Practice makes perfect. That's why Darren was on point, feeding off all the other riders.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice Crankworx2013DSSPractice Speed and Style is one thing but you have to practice your race face to make it legit.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice Brian Finestone looks on whilst Granieri drops into the lower section of the track.

Crankworx2013DSSPractice Yep, 10 years of Crankworx. This is where history is made.

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